Pool Rules

Swim Test

All children ages 12 and under must pass a deep end swim assessment / test (UPDATED AGE 3/20/2024).  Children who pass this test may go everywhere in the pool, including the diving board (with the awareness and approval of a parent).  Children who pass the deep end swim assessment will need to check in at the lifeguard station to verify their presence with the lifeguards on duty every time they visit the pool. A swim band may be supplied at the discretion of the Head Guard / Manager on Duty.

Children who do not pass this test will NOT be allowed in water deeper than the 3-foot area of the pool (the shallow end) or the wading pool unless within arm’s reach of a parent or guardian. The head guard or pool manager is responsible for administering the swim assessment / swim test. Under supervision of the head guard or pool manager a lifeguards may at any time, depending on availability, give a swim test.

The best time to give a swim test is during the 10-minute break.

UPDATED Deep End Swim Assessment 2024

To pass the SWIM TEST, a child must be able to:

  • Competently and confidently swim with no goggles front crawl 25 yards, face in the water without stopping to rest
  • THEN, without resting climb out of the water, jump and submerge into deep water without goggles
  • THEN, as they surface with their face out of the water to tread water for 30 seconds

Remember that a swimmer may be requested at the judgement of the guard staff to remain in shallow water or within arm’s reach of a parent.  Staff may retest a swimmer at their discretion.

Pool Rules

  1. All members and guests must sign in upon entering the pool area.
  2. Children under age 11 must be accompanied by an adult or an approved guardian. (age under review) A guardian is someone age 18 or older.
  3. A swim test is required of all children age 12 and under.
  4. Adults are responsible for the safety of their children.
  5. Adults and children should shower before entering the pool.
  6. All children who are not fully toilet trained must wear rubber pants with elasticized waist and legs over swim diapers, and must vacate the pool immediately if the diaper becomes soiledDisposable diapers, cloth diapers and/or plastic pants alone may not be worn in the pool for sanitary reasons.  Children not properly attired will not be allowed to enter the pool. Swim diapers are available for sale at the pool desk.
  7. The diving area shall not be used for general swimming unless permission is given.
  8. Adults and children unable to demonstrate to the lifeguards their ability to swim will be restricted to chest-deep or shallower water.
  9. Non-swimmers or those relying on floats must be within arm’s reach of a responsible attentive adult at all times in the water. Best practice – put your child in a Coast Guard approved flotation device.
  10. Recreational floats of any kind are prohibited, unless otherwise announced on special pool days. They take up space in the pool and lifeguards cannot see around, under or through them. 
  11. Tennis or hard balls are not allowed in the pool.
  12. Running is not permitted within the pool area. Always walk!
  13. Rough and boisterous activity is not permitted in the pool area.  Abusive, offensive, or profane language will not be permitted on the club property.  Violation is grounds for suspension.
  14. Proper swimming attire must be worn by all individuals using the pool. This means NO cutoff jeans, underwear, cotton t-shirts.
  15. Glass containers and pets are strictly prohibited in the pool area or Clubhouse deck.  We will check coolers if we get suspicious of contents.
  16. Smoking is prohibited anywhere on Club grounds.
  17. Food and beverages are prohibited with 12 feet of the edge of the pool(s).
  18. Intoxicated persons, as determined by management are not permitted.
  19. All injuries occurring on the premises must be reported to the Manager on Duty immediately.
  20. No prolonged underwater swimming. No competitive, repetitive breath holding including repetitive “bobbing” or breath holding games.
  21. To prevent over-fatigue and to encourage frequent bathroom visits, a minimum 10-minute rest period for children under 18 years of age will be observed in the main pool.  The Pool Manager has the authority to vary the length of this rest period and/or to provide additional rest periods.  Children may not place their feet in the pool during break.
  22. Adults should not swim alone.
  23. The Lifeguards on duty have the responsibility for enforcing the rules while the Manager on Duty, or lead guard shall have final and conclusive authority to make on-the-spot decisions in all matters relating to the health and safety of the membership.

SVC Guest Policy

  1. All guests must be accompanied by a member and signed in with the attendant at the pool desk.  A notebook will be maintained at the desk and each guest must provide name, age, and emergency phone number.
  2. Children under the age of 18 must be accompanied and supervised by an adult of 18 years or over.
  3. Day fees for guests (non-members) are $10 per person/day and include use of the tennis courts and pool. Our staff has been instructed to sign-up guests and charge members a guest fee if any member fails to register his/her guests. You will see the charge on your monthly invoice.
  4. If bringing more than 6 guests at one time or hosting any sort of special event (eg. birthday party), you must make arrangements with the manager at least 3 weeks in advance of your visit. We will also only be able to accommodate socials on Saturdays or Sundays at opening for a maximum of 2 hours. The picnic tables as you enter the pool gate will be reserved upon request, otherwise its first come first served. IMPORTANT: All requests will be reviewed based on member usage, club sponsored events and staffing requirements and are not guaranteed.
  5. Only guests residing in a members home are free of charge. All other guests will be charged a fee unless specifically approved by the Manger in writing prior to the visit. Members may bring the same guest no more than twice/season, unless that individual is an overnight house guest of the member and resides more than 60 miles from Chapel Hill. Additionally, no person may use the facilities as a guest more than twice/season.
  6. Please notify the manager of any full-time nannies, au pairs, or caregivers who should be added to the pool roster.
  7. Day fees will not be charged for out-of-town relatives while residing with a member family or visiting grandparents when accompanying the family.
  8. It is recommended that each family review its own “guest rules” prior to the pool season to fully understand this policy and avoid any “surprise” charges to your account.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: All children who are not fully toilet trained must wear rubber pants with elasticized waist and legs over swim diapers.  Disposable diapers, cloth diapers and/or plastic pants alone may not be worn in the pool for sanitary reasons.  Children not properly attired will not be allowed to enter the pool. Swim diapers are available for sale at the pool desk.

Diving Rules

  1. Age 12 or under must pass the swim test to use the diving board.
  2. Only one person may be on diving board or step at a time.
  3. Make sure swimmers are clear from diving area before diving or jumping.
  4. No running on diving board.
  5. Dive or jump straight off the end of the board.
  6. Divers may not go to the end of the board and return.
  7. Plan your dive. After entry, arms up, head up, steer up.
  8. Only one bounce is permitted.
  9. After diving, swim directly to the nearest ladder and exit the pool.
  10. No goggles, masks or flotation devices may be worn on the board.
  11. Permission required to swim or play in the deep end.
  12. Diving blocks are for swim team and swim lessons only.
  13. It is not permissible to “catch” a person going off the diving board.

Wading Pool Rules

  1. NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY. Adults are responsible for the safety of their children.
  2. An adult must be present in wading pool area with their child at all times.
  3. To prevent serious energy, do not allow children in wading pool area if drain cover is broken or missing.
  4. Gate must be latched after entry and exit.
  5. Please check diapers often. Changing of diapers should be done in restrooms.
  6. All children who are not fully toilet trained must wear rubber pants with elasticized waist and legs over swim diapers.
  7. No children over the age of 6 permitted.

Thunder / Lightning Policy

As a reminder, the tennis courts and pool area must be cleared immediately and outdoor areas are CLOSED for a period of 30 minutes upon hearing thunder or seeing lightning.  After 30 minutes have passed without thunder or lightning, it is safe to resume use of the outdoor areas of the club. No staff member has the authority to override this policy.

This policy is a nationally recognized standard that applies to Recreational Facilities (see below).

Safe places to take shelter include inside cars and inside the clubhouse.  Waiting under umbrellas, inside the pool fence, outside on sidewalks, on the tennis courts, under the gazebo, or on the upstairs patio is not safe or permitted.  The tennis court light poles, fences, and pool Funbrellas are objects which can channel lightning.   If you can hear thunder, lightning is close enough to strike you.  Remember, most lightning injuries result from an indirect strike!

Upon the occurrence of thunder or lightning, staff members (if present) will ask you to leave outdoor areas and move to a safe place either in a car or in the clubhouse.  Please understand that they are doing their job and help them by evacuating as quickly as possible. The longer you delay, the more you put others in harms way.  

While you may think the thunder or lightning is not close enough to cause harm, that is not necessarily true. Storms can move rapidly or develop overhead.  If there are clouds that look distant in an otherwise clear sky, please be aware that a “Bolt from the Blue” is a positive lightning strike that can travel up to 30 miles from a thunderhead through clear blue skies.  There was a strike of this type in Germany that hospitalized 35 people.  See Bolt from the Blue in Germany for more information.

Our thunder / lightning policy is based on nationally recognized safety standards, including American Red Cross safety guidelines.   The National Weather Service has issued guidelines for Lightning Safety and Outdoor Sports Activities which provide concise information.  You can read these guidelines, and more about the reason for the 30 minute rule, at http://www.lightningsafety.noaa.gov/sports.shtml.

We realize that inclement weather is an inconvenience, but the safety of members is paramount to us.